So nice to be with you today to produce an excellent concert. I am very proud of our band and I know that we will have a great future as a performing ensemble. I feel that if you give us another 3 years our ensemble will be performing major works.

BRAVO to all of you.

It takes all of us to do the job we did today. Not one player is more important than the other because we form a TEAM and a FAMILY.

Take care for the summer and help find new people for our classes.

The way you played today is a gift to us from GOD and a gift from us to the community.

Oui monsieur nous sommes tous égaux. All for one and one for all . 

So happy to play with all these "so called" beginners. The band sounded wonderful and I am most flattered to get asked to sit in. As always, musicians are the nicest people in the world !

Beau spectacle hier.  Un succès.

Hello Raymond:
    My congratulations on a PERFECT concert. The playing, the selections, your comments, Bernadette's presentation, the audience size and their response, the venue, the length of the concert, even the band's attire ... everything was just perfect.
    Well done to you Raymond, and well done to the band.
    You must send me a video of the second concert !!
Adios Ray
Thank you Raymond, I love that we are not only a team, but as you say, a family.

If I go no further than New Horizons Band, I will forever be happy to have accomplished what I have.  Thank you to all.  I plan to continue on.
Blessings and prayers to all.
My family and friends have posted the concert to Facebook.  They were so impressed.  Thank you one and all.  I feel so much more confident, because I was playing with you all.

Merci Raymond for all you have done with the group LET'S ALL CONTINUE

Thank you for your time, energy, patience, talents and vision to be founder and director of CNHB. Thank you so much! ......... and thank you to all the musicians who are a great team.

Thank you for all the time you have given to us as band members. I am glad to be part of the team.
We are so happy that you were pleased with the concert today.  We actually had  fun!!  I hope that you heard in my words today the deep gratitude of all of us to you...YOU had the dream, the generosity, the faith and persistence.  I recall how back in February 2015,  My husband and I read an article in the Seaway News that was an interview with you in which you expressed your dreams to create a band for those who wanted to play music and had not yet had a chance.... and those who were "senior" who wanted to return to their first musical love and grow in their musical skills..... We responded to that article then, and told you that we wanted to be part of your dream..... and now, here it is, two years later.....  I have to say that often in the beginning I thought that you might be dreaming in technicolour.... But what you predicted then, has happened now.  We are all blessed musically because of you... and again, thank you so much.  We also appreciate that your personal faith in the Lord Jesus shapes who you are with us. That makes us feel even more at home.  Thank you for that! 
     I thanked Jeannine, your wife, today for "releasing" you to be with CNHB  so much, in so many ways.  You are so blessed to have such support!!
     I will be seeing you in the coming weeks to discuss "business", but I really do hope that you take the chance with the break from the CNHB to restore and renew yourself.
Thank you Raymond for this family that we have now. Life is now more beautiful with everyone in it, and life is music.

I enjoyed playing the concert with you all also. I miss attending the Thursday class. Perhaps September will bring a better schedule for my time.

Hi Raymond and All.   Very professional sound from a new group.  Keep up the good work. The audience enjoyed the concert immensely.

Thank you Ray, for your tireless caring  and unselfish efforts. So blessed to be part of this wonderful band.

It was a pleasure helping the CNHB with their first concert.They are a very nice group of people and I loved their enthusiasm for learning and playing.
KUDOS to you all for a well-applauded performance today after many hours of hard-working preparation. 

Thanks again to Raymond for initiating the Cornwall New Horizons Band and perpetuating it through these past couple of years. 

I am grateful that  CNHB is steering some members in the direction of Seaway Winds, as  it  is a bonus to both bands and the musicians as well. 

Keep up the wonderful work that you are doing . The better you can play your instruments , the more fun you'll have playing in a  full concert band.  

Congratulations  again on a well-played concert today, and here's wishing you continued success.